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LingoTech is a visual-dramatic music that propels enthusiasm and interest in language learning. It's a song, a dance, a drama and a fun way to learn. Through understanding comes interest, through the music comes retention, through dance comes interaction, and it all results in learning.

Created by world famous educator Uwe Kind, LingoTech is based upon SingLing, a popular foreign language method pioneered by Mr. Kind and used successfully worldwide.

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Mrs. Spanish's awesome “Hoy Estoy” music video 

Anne Marie Mitchell (dubbed "Mrs. Spanish" by her students) teaches at Berry College Elementary and Middle School in Rome, GA. She has a blog called "Mrs. Spanish's Class" where we learned that her 4th grade spanish class produced an absolutely wonderful music video entitled "Hoy Estoy".   We are thrilled to have discovered it because Hoy Estoy is one of the songs from our CD "Tune in To Español".  Nothing makes us happier than seeing students and teachers being creative while learning and using our songs!

​Check out the video here on Mrs. Spanish's Blog


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