Are you looking for a teacher who can take your group on a musical journey that you've never been on before? Are you ready for a new experience with a teacher who will help you discover a new language in an entertaining and fun atmosphere? Look no further than LingoTech. Started by the dynamic team of Uwe Kind and Mark Schaffel, LingoTech fuses melody, drama, rhythm, movement, and language into an interactive and spectacular experience that inspires children and young people to learn a language in a fun and incredible environment.

LingoTech is visual-dramatic music that propels enthusiasm and interest in language learning. It's a song, a dance, drama and a fun way to learn. Through understanding comes interest, through the music comes retention, through dance comes interaction, and it all results in learning. It is based upon SingLing, a popular foreign language method pioneered by Mr. Kind and used successfully worldwide.

This approach builds on the concept that music helps young people learn a new language by teaching them pronunciation, memorization, and intonation. It not only believes this theory but puts it into practice with its unique concerts and workshops led by Mr. Kind! With a notable client list and impressive experience as a teacher and communicator, you will know that hiring Uwe for a workshop or concert will reap lifelong benefits for your group that they will not soon forget!

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Latest News & Videos

Unser neuestes Musikvideo "Romanze im Perfekt” ist auf YouTube! 

Schon gesehen? Unser neustes Musikvideo „Romanze im Perfekt” ist auf YouTube. 
In „Romanze im Perfekt” schwelgen zwei Salatschnecken in Erinnerung und träumen von ihrer gemeinsamen Zeit. Reguläre und irreguläre Verben in Gegenwart, Vergangenheit und Präsens Perfekt nicht nur als Spass zum ansehen, sondern auch als wunderbare Übung für den Deutschunterricht. 

Zum Musikvideo „Romanze im Perfekt”  gibt es auch eine Lehrerhandreichung und reichliche Übungen. Die Lehrerhandreichung und die Übungen sind erhältlich wenn ihr auf den folgenden Link klickt.

Check out our newest music video "Romanze im Perfekt" on YouTube.  "Romanze im Perfekt" is about two love-struck snails who reminisce in the perfect tense of regular and irregular verbs. The video is not only fun to watch, but it's a wonderful tool for teachers to assist students in the understanding of irregular verbs, present past, and the present perfect tense.  We've also created a teacher's guide and classroom exercise booklet that accompany the music video. For more information or to purchase these amazing tools click on this link!

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